Youth Football Contribution

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YFP Facts

20+ leagues
80 communities
20,000+ participants
3,000 free tickets distributed every year

Numerous league officials have commented:

• Player/cheerleader participation has grown since their league has been affiliated with the Bowl's Youth Football Program. Kids are excited about the opportunity of attending the Bowl game.

• Many of these kids have never been to a college football or NFL stadium.  In addition, many parents have commented that their kids cannot sleep the night before the game because they are so excited about going to the game and being on the field!

• The leagues' financial donations received from the Bowl have a very positive impact on the leagues and allows them to provide scholarships (allows kids to play when their parents cannot afford registration fees), upgrade facilities and buy trophies/ new equipment.

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The Youth Football Program, part of the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, has been going strong for the past seven years and it continues to make an impact on every community involved.

The Youth Football Program's mission is to positively impact regional youth football leagues by providing financial support, tangible benefits and unique experiences to its thousands of youth participants. The Program is our way to reach out to our region's youth, teaching them the powers of commitment, team work and determination...and we are turning dreams into reality.

But we can't do it alone. With your help, the ACC and SEC representatives won't be the only football teams at the Bowl. A 100% tax deductible contribution allows us to bring 3,000 youth football players and cheerleaders to the game, where they will be recognized in pre-game, on the field festivities as champions of the Youth Football Program. Bringing each age-division champion of each league to the game with a free game ticket is just one aspect of the Program, but the experience and excitment of the game gives these children memories to last a lifetime.

The Music City Bowl, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. 
Our tax ID number is 62-1720086.