Get the New Nashville Live Music Guide App!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When you travel to Music City, be sure to download Nashville's new live music app!  The Nashville Live Music Guide App is the Who, What, Where, When, and How to find live music playing in Nashville.

Take a look at just some of the guide's features...


From here, you can:

- Find the Music and browse more than 120 clubs in the Nashville area
- See Who's Playing and search the live music calendar today, tomorrow, or any specified date for 2 weeks
- Listen to music and purchase it, too!
- Look Around with your phone's camera to see what live music happenings are going on around you
- Get updated info on the hot things going on in Nashville. This space changes often, so  you'll need to check it that way!


Choose Find the Music from the home screen or Clubs from the bottom navigation and you can browse Nashville's clubs by area of town. Hanging out in East Nashville for the day? Select it and see what's in the area. Don't know where you are? Select Clubs Near Me and find out what's around you.

Club Detail

When you see a club that you're interested in, just click on it to get all the information you need. Get a picture of the place so you know what you're in for, the address, phone number, website and upcoming shows. Click on the address to map it. Click on the phone number to call it. Click on the website to see it. And click on any of the shows to get the details on that show.

Look Around

Choose Look Around from the main screen or Look from the bottom navigation to experience augmented reality. Don't know what that is? It's very cool. That's what it is. This feature will open your phone's camera. Just hold it up to view the area around you and it'll give you all the shows in that area. So, if you don't know where you are and you want your supersmart phone to tell you what to do - this is your feature.

Note: Android users will be asked to download the Layar Reality Browser to use the Look Around feature.

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For more information on Nashville's new live music app, click here.